We at our company, Lourdes Honey Ltd, know what quality honey means. Not only are we aware of this fact but we also produce and pack high quality honey. Our knowledge is based on twenty-year long experience in apiculture.

As one of the founders of our company I got acquainted with all the beauty and hardships of apiculture within the frames of a family enterprise. I started this activity with eight bee-families at the age of 16.

Now I have a few hundreds of bee families. Apart from our own raw materials we purchase honey from constant, reliable beekeeper partners from all parts of Hungary.

Our aim is to present real, natural honey to our consumers and other beekeepers. As an expert in this field I observed a lot of products in the market, that could hardly be called honey. We, however use, purchase and process exclusively natural, high quality honey. Our products are free from additives.

The quality of our products is ensured by a two-phase laboratory testing process. Before purchasing honey we analyse the raw material of the beekeepers at our own in-house laboratory. Only if they meet the required high standards do we buy them. Then we ask the Brehmen Intertek laboratory for anticipatory tests. In the second phase after the homogenisation we order Intertek to carry out final analysis tests.

We always attach these tests to the documentation of each shipment, this way we ensure that our products correspond to the given specifications and parameters. So our consumers can take it for granted that by purchasing our products they acquire the agreed quality honey.

Honey is an excellent invigorative and roborant agent. The sugars -fructose and glucose- are rich in minerals, vitamins, ferment and hormone materials. With its regular consumption several diseases can be prevented or cured.

Honey consists of 80% glucose and fructose, water accounts for 18% and only the remaining 2% are made up of saccharine. Of all types sugar glucose is the most valuable one, which gets absorbed directly from the intestine. It has positive impact on blood circulation, myocardial function and digestion.

Alongside with these functions it detoxifies, increases appetite, improves blood hemoglobin levels. Its energy level is lower than that of sugar, 320 kcal/100g. Contrary to common belief it neither fattens nor causes dental decay. Its acidic effect makes up for the lack of gastric acid in the stomach. It contains diverse types of vitamins, B, K, C and trace elements. Mixed with tea honey is a natural antidote to upper respiratory diseases.

Authentic, natural honey crystallizes. Crystallization does not influence the chemical properties of honey, only its consistence changes. In contrast with this, faked honey becomes dreggy. To regain the original consistence of honey you should only place the jar into warm water of 40-50 degrees C. Good quality honey does not ever deteriorate.